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Lease The HotSpot Company Bar & Restaurant

We are mostly trained and experienced in media and marketing, with over 20 years in the game. We would like to do what we do best and work with someone who knows better than us how to optimize the bar and restaurant segment of the concept. You can brand it yours, as long as our concepts work together for the same cause. Good Stuff, Good Quality, Professional Service! Welcome To Us!

Lease The HotSpot Company


Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything

Contact us on email for answers to any of your questions. We have priced the rental opportunity at a very affordable price, so that we can find the ones to work with that mean business! Good business.

We are always available for a chat, and we can show you the behind-the-scenes.

The HotSpot Company is a friendly place on the beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. It's everything you see when you get that feeling when looking at your dream places that you want to visit some time in your life.

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That's what life is about. Feeling good. That is what we have set as our goal. To make you feel good.

Events & Entertainment

Frequently, with the best quality and according to the public's wishes. Tell us what you would like to see and hear in Cabarete.


Balance is important in life and we have prepared a concept that covers the need for relaxation, inspiration, business, fun and sun. And so much more...


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Located beachside center of town, Close to Pomodoro and Kalipso restaurants. The HotSpot Company is more than a bar and a restaurant.

The concept is based on entertainment and activities, with a rich and varied menu of food and drinks, provided by some of the best food and drink concepts in the country.