Handmade Bags
My name is Cristina and my production of handmade bags is called "the Cris" are made with mats of colored kitchen and insert various accessories also of Dominican Republic crafts and produce of various shapes and this year I also started a production of handmade bags with crochet
Fashion & Accessories
Drifted wood and more
Monica Piacenza
Ocean inspired hand made paints and drifted wood by Monica Piacenza and hand made jewelry (rings and pendants) by a venezuelan Artigian made out of a sea shell
Hecho hu/Mano Leo
Hecho hu/Mano Leo
From Colombian origins, training in Brazil, and 20 years working as a jeweler in France; Leo’s 30 years of experience creating handcrafted jewelry, shaping silver and gold with artistic talent, taste and design, have brought a NEW WAVE of style to the Dominican stone Larimar
Illustrations & Prints
Hand-Drawn unique illustrations and prints. Rosemary Grace is an artist from London, living in Cabarete, never without a sketchbook in hand. Original illustrations in ink and watercolour, as well as high quality prints, posters, postcards and more. Inspired by the day-to-day life of Cabarete
Where Are We
Pequena Fabrica de Jabon es un lugar donde se produce jabones de una forma artesanal y responsable sin uso de sustancias sinteticas y totalmente vegetales.
What Can You Do Here
Cabarete is known to be an active and fun destination to travel to. We try to reflect everything that is Cabarete. Share your ideas and tips so we know we are on the right track.
Carnaval Products
Cabarete Carnaval 2017 is on the road and coming to town March 18th! Its a community event that we hope all of you will enjoy! We are attending the exhibition with our merchandize, for you to become a part of the creation of Cabarete Carnaval and a new children team/comparsa.
KanaRapai ArtStudio
KaNa Rapai : imagination and fantasy. We offer a great variety of jewellery, key chains, rings, bracelets, necklaces, all designed with the original style and the unique touch of our creations.
Hecho hu/Mano
30 years of experience creating handcrafted jewelry; shaping materials with artistic talent, taste, and design.

The HotSpot Company is a friendly place on the beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. It's everything you see when you get that feeling when looking at your dream places that you want to visit some time in your life.

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That's what life is about. Feeling good. That is what we have set as our goal. To make you feel good.

Events & Entertainment

Frequently, with the best quality and according to the public's wishes. Tell us what you would like to see and hear in Cabarete.


Balance is important in life and we have prepared a concept that covers the need for relaxation, inspiration, business, fun and sun. And so much more...


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Located beachside center of town, Close to Pomodoro and Kalipso restaurants. The HotSpot Company is more than a bar and a restaurant.

The concept is based on entertainment and activities, with a rich and varied menu of food and drinks, provided by some of the best food and drink concepts in the country.