Cabarete CArnaval Video 2017 Hotspot CompanyWe ere fortunate to be included in the Cabarete Carnaval 2017 Sponsor Team, and we had a blast! The event keeps growing and we are shooting for another year of preparations and colorful input in our every day lives with this carnival. We had Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Resort team visiting Cabarete and the THC to get to know the event and the beach they are moving in to in December. We also had the pleasure of introducing one of the new events on the block this year; Sacred Womens Fest. This is an event celebrating creative female artists, and they brought an amazing show to our stage after the parade. The one and only Amazing Jenny Jet rocked the house from the DJ booth. We had the most amazing time. Welcome back next year, Cabarete Carnaval!

DJ Keismyr at The HotSpot Company cabarete StageThe Norway and Oslo DJ scene is coming to the HotSpot Company this Friday, bringing elements from the world culture to the beach in Cabarete.
DJ Kreismyr has since 2008 been a mainstay of the Oslo folk-clubbing scene, where he has played at numerous clubs, bars and festivals, and teamed up with a bunch of other DJ's. He is a veteran of the Oslo global underground and a contributor to Fez 2 Fez, Börek Obama Soundsystem and Klubb Knesset and Fez2Fez, and partnered with DJ's Sissyfus, Zuzu, Audinho, Nefertiti, Mitmitta, Emoticon, Benghazi, OuiOui, et al. In 2013 he played a string of gigs at Little Baobab in San Francisco.


High Tides and Funghi Tuning at the hotspot company CabareteFor those of you who still haven't pick up on our event concept, we can tell you we have been pouring concerts in to Cabarete for the last few months. And we have loved it! The winter season is pasisng, the spring and summer season is on its way to bring more festivals and concerts for the entire workd to enjoy. We are getting ready for Semana Santa, which brings a little more electronic vibes to the beach. In the meantime... Check this flashback to The High Tides and Funghi Tuning exploring their creativity and excellency on stage for our guests. 


Flood Relief Fundraiser HotSpot Company Cabarete Dominican RepublicLAST MINUTE CONCERT AND FESTIVAL! The North Coast has had its challenges the last few months, and the flood has again left people living in water. Thankfully, the rain has stopped for now, but the problem remains as the houses are damaged and people are struggling to get by as it is.




Yamaha Dance Group Cabarete Carnaval 2017 Hotspot Company We are very excited to introduce a big weekend here at The HotSpot Company! Cabarete carnaval is in town and we are proudly a part of the sponsorship program! 
For the occasion we invited Sacred Womens Fest organizers to introduce the event to the Cabarete public, as this is the next big event in Cabarete. And we all want to celebrate and honor women and the Gods of the elements. 

Carolina Camacho Afrotaina Tour at The HotSpot Company CabareteCabarete received a hot on the trail artist this past weekend, bringing her internaitonal tour "Afrotaina" and celebration of culture to the Cabarete Beach and The HotSpot Company. Her music is receiving promising reviews before her album launch this spring. Carolina brought a new vibe to the beach and we hope she will come back for more. 

Kashmir Jones at The HotSpot Cabarete Hip HopFor the independent MC Kashmir Jones hip-hop is more than art and culture. It's life. From its beginning in the middle of the golden age as it is called, to the 90's, it has maintained its ideals, which have been strengthened thanks to the maturity, responsibility and knowledge acquired in this broad culture.

Samuele Ricci and Emiliano Larizza on Hotspot Stage Cabarete DOminican RepublicSaturdays are for late night shows, so we called it Saturday Late Night Live. Emiliano Larizza and Samuele Ricci rocked it. Litterally rocked it this last weekend. Enjoy some tunes from this magic duo from  "The THC Stage!




The HotSpot Company Van Avakian, Aaron Matthews and Samuele RicciA trio that kicks! When musical talents like this come together it is nothing but fireworks. 
The Stage presents Van Avakian, Samuele Ricci and Aaron Matthews right in front of the shorebreak here at The HotSpot Company in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. 


Justin James Music Cabarete Dominican Republic The HotSpot CompanyCanadian, but a Hispaniola Island resident and internationally renowned musician Justin James travels the island from stage to stage spreading his tunes. Justin first picked up a guitar after a tiger shark attack off the coast of South America at 20 years old and as passing-time received his first guitar from his grandma.
Justin since has traveled the globe playing, reached the top 10 on the Hawaiian music charts and been licensed by airlines.
Justin James takes the stage at The HotSpot Company this weekend, and we had a little chat to learn more about him...

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