DJ Keismyr at The HotSpot Company cabarete StageThe Norway and Oslo DJ scene is coming to the HotSpot Company this Friday, bringing elements from the world culture to the beach in Cabarete.
DJ Kreismyr has since 2008 been a mainstay of the Oslo folk-clubbing scene, where he has played at numerous clubs, bars and festivals, and teamed up with a bunch of other DJ's. He is a veteran of the Oslo global underground and a contributor to Fez 2 Fez, Börek Obama Soundsystem and Klubb Knesset and Fez2Fez, and partnered with DJ's Sissyfus, Zuzu, Audinho, Nefertiti, Mitmitta, Emoticon, Benghazi, OuiOui, et al. In 2013 he played a string of gigs at Little Baobab in San Francisco.

DJ Sissyfus & DJ Kreismyr teamed up with a mission to bring Tellus grooves to a lunar environment. Dj Sissyfus is the founder of the label Metronomicon Audio, and a legend in the Norwegian underground. Geographically inconsequent and unbound by time, they present an appetizing buffet of oldschool ethniquities and hypermodern global beats. Equally obsessed with African & Arabic pop, balkan & bhangra, calypso & cumbia, dangdut & dancehall, as well as electronic microgenres such as skweee & sinogrime, Sissyfus & Kreismyr fill in the gaps of the danceable sub consciousness.

DJ Keismyr Cabarete Hotspot CompanyTHC: How would you describe your music?
DJ KREISMYR: I could describe it as global dance music. Highly diverse, eclectic and multi-cultural. Oldschool and newschool, but perhaps with an emphasis on non-western styles of music.

THC: Why are you fascinated by this kind of music and how did you get involved in this type of electronic music? For how long have you been DJing?
DJ KREISMYR: For 10 years I have been seeking out and DJ-ing music from all parts of the world. It comes from a place of curiosity and a drive towards human diversity and a drive to always learn about new cultures, styles and genres.

THC: What would you like people to learn or feel when they listen to your music?
DJ KREISMYR: I like to expose people to songs that get them going, although they may be hearing them for the first time. I am equally into caribbean music as I am into african, arabic, asian and latino music. Any buzzwordlist of genres would have to be long and diverse. On friday I will most certainly be playing some reggae & dancehall, in all languages, some samba & soca, maybe some African & Arabic pop, some balkan & bhangra, some calypso & cumbia, maybe something Nordic, we shall see.

THC: How would you say in differs from what we may call the mainstream DJ scene, and what do you the genre you are working with are contributing to the electro-music scene?
DJ KREISMYR: I guess there’s quite a distance both to a mainstream DJ scene and to an electronic DJ scene. I am not really up to date on what goes on in those worlds. I do see myself as part of community of globally oriented DJs, both in Oslo and online or internationally. The emphasis is less on mixing and more on selection. I usually don’t stick to the same bpm for very long. I like fusions and mutations and modern stuff that for instance mixes traditional with electronic music, but I also like a lot of more vintage stuff from early/mid/late last century.

Aritst: DJ Kreismyr (A global citizen from Norway).

Genres: Mbalax, chimurenga, merengue, calypso, highlife, samba, benga, juju, soukous, cumbia, bollywood, lollywood, rembetika, mbaqanga, taarab, mugam, rai, chaabi, mash-ups, reggaeton, charanga, forro, ethio, somali, guinea, bongo flava, thai funk, hiphop, dancehall, okinawa, zydeco, remixes, qawalli

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can see and hear DJ Kreismyr at The HotSpot Company Friday April 9th 10 PM

DJ Keismyr HotSpot Company Cabarete

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