Cabarete CArnaval Video 2017 Hotspot CompanyWe ere fortunate to be included in the Cabarete Carnaval 2017 Sponsor Team, and we had a blast! The event keeps growing and we are shooting for another year of preparations and colorful input in our every day lives with this carnival. We had Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Resort team visiting Cabarete and the THC to get to know the event and the beach they are moving in to in December. We also had the pleasure of introducing one of the new events on the block this year; Sacred Womens Fest. This is an event celebrating creative female artists, and they brought an amazing show to our stage after the parade. The one and only Amazing Jenny Jet rocked the house from the DJ booth. We had the most amazing time. Welcome back next year, Cabarete Carnaval!

Have a look at this video, you will see what we mean. Stay tuned for more as we get through the material. One parade like that and we are having a hard time choosing our best images to show you! 

Here it is: The 2017 Cabarete Carnaval Video by FoToGrAfIkA.  

Visit The Cabarete Carnaval Website for more colours, costumes and galleries!! 


The HotSpot Company is a friendly place on the beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. It's everything you see when you get that feeling when looking at your dream places that you want to visit some time in your life.

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That's what life is about. Feeling good. That is what we have set as our goal. To make you feel good.

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Located beachside center of town, Close to Pomodoro and Kalipso restaurants. The HotSpot Company is more than a bar and a restaurant.

The concept is based on entertainment and activities, with a rich and varied menu of food and drinks, provided by some of the best food and drink concepts in the country.